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Vice President's Message

Mr. R K SrivastavaAssociation of Petroleum Geologists (APG), India was established in the year 2000. Since its inception, APG has been actively engaged and provided a platform to advance the science of geology, to promote technology, to foster scientific research, to disseminate information relating to the geology and technology, to inspire high professional conduct, and to provide platform for converge and exchange ideas between the experts and professionals of the industry and academia.

Rapid growth of Indian economy during the current millennium has put immense pressure on the oil & gas industry in terms of the demand growth and shrinking share of domestic oil & gas in the total energy mix. With majority of fields aging and Category-1 basins fast attaining exploration maturity, upstream companies in India are facing the unique challenge of accelerating realisation of field growth potential through state of art G&G technology. Accelerated efforts are being made towards consolidating the gains made in Kutch, Vindhyan and Bengal basins besides targeting new frontiers like Cuddapah and Narmada basins. Strategic orientation to bring additional Category III basins by acquiring prospective acreages to expand exploratory activities are also being pursued in right earnest. Efforts are also being directed to partner in National Exploratory Data Mission initiated by the Government of India. International outreach efforts are also being made for injecting experience of acclaimed industry knowledge partners through joint ventures.

As a founder member, I feel immensely privileged for being entrusted with the responsibility of Vice-President of this august society. Under the stewardship of our Patron APG an enabled team I have no doubt that we shall be steering APG, India into a higher orbit with purpose and aplomb.

I believe that Students who are studying various disciplines of geosciences are going to be the backbone of the industry in the future. Hence it is our commitment to bring forth such talents and present through APG about the vibrant and attractive career options which the petroleum industry beholds. We will be focussing on establishing cross-industry-academia networking and organising seminars, workshops, panel discussions with domain experts, field trips providing a robust, holistic and continuous education program. Various collaborations in this regard, nurturing of Industry-Academia synergies and promoting healthy interactions will create a roadmap in this regard.

APG through its various efforts has tried to disseminate knowledge and sow the futuristic ideas towards the growth of Geosciences and contributing to petroleum E&P industry. Our efforts have been widely hailed in providing a seed bed for nucleating ideas and prempting the future trends.

Last but not the least, I would take this opportunity to humbly request althea stake holders to come forward wholeheartedly and participate, contribute and collaborate to make APG an even more vibrant and thriving entity and, in the process, reap rich dividends for our profession, society and industry.

With Best Wishes,

Dr. Ravi Misra

Vice-President, APG India

Mr. R K SrivastavaAssociation of Petroleum Geologists (APG), India is a forum created to cater to the development and dissemination of geo-scientific knowledge amongst petroleum geologists through a common platform. Since its inception, APG, India has been providing a strong base for learning, gaining knowledge, and keeping abreast with latest technologies related to geology, petroleum, and mineral resources. The dissemination of knowledge, information, and exchange of new ideas amongst the petroleum geoscientists has immensely helped in conquering many challenging frontiers in hydrocarbon exploration and development in the E&P industry.

The technical conferences, seminars, distinguished lectures, workshops, field excursions, etc. organized by this august forum provide a unique opportunity for interaction amongst petroleum geoscience professionals, researchers, academicians, and students.

As we are all aware, the days of easy oil are far behind us. The exploration for hydrocarbon has witnessed a paradigm shift from conventional areas to more difficult and geologically complex areas with their inherent challenges and uncertainties. Conversely, the World is also witnessing the development of new and alternate sources of energy to meet the increasing energy demand. Though the energy landscape and use of fossil fuels have started witnessing a transition, oil and gas shall continue to play a pivotal role in the energy dynamics and the mix of emerging energy baskets.

With the volatility in oil and gas prices, environmental regulations, far-field exploration in quest of hydrocarbon resources, the task in front of us is both challenging and formidable. Moreover, the field size of discoveries isalso declining. To ensure a sustainable supply of oil and gas, our community has bigger responsibilities in terms of bringing in new ideas and breakthrough technology in exploration as well as maximizing the recovery from the existing resources.

I strongly believe that APG is the forum that can trigger &catalyze new wave of thinking in the minds of young and professional petroleum geoscientists through a wide gamut of technical activities. Our efforts should be concerted towards providing an opportunity for networking with industry experts and bringing about efficient collaboration for mitigating the diverse challenges confronted by the E&P industry.

It’s also equally important to strengthen the bond between the industry and academia by providing the opportunity for students and young professionals to improve their technical skills and be abreast of the development in the oil and gas industry and allied fields.

In our quest for excellence and continuing to disseminate knowledge & growth through this august forum, I eagerly look forward to every member of the forum for their continued support, co-operation, active participation, and suggestions in our collective endeavor to take APG, India to greater heights.

With Best Wishes,

P. K. Kakoty

Vice-President, APG India