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Vice President's Message

APG has been actively involved in advancing the science of geology, fostering scientific research, promoting technology, disseminating information about geology and technology, inspiring high standards of professional conduct, and providing a forum for experts and professionals from industry and academia to congregate and exchange ideas.

Think that the future of the geosciences sector will be anchored by students studying a variety of geoscience subjects. Therefore, it is our mission to develop these individuals and to inform APG's audience about the exciting and varied career opportunities that the petroleum business offers. In order to provide a comprehensive, all-encompassing, and ongoing education programme, we will be concentrating on building cross-industry-academia networking and planning seminars, workshops, panel discussions with subject matter experts, and field visits. A roadmap in this regard will be created through fostering industry-academia synergies, encouraging positive contacts, and engaging in various collaborations.

APG has made numerous attempts to spread information and plant forward-thinking seeds for the advancement of geosciences and the petroleum exploration and production sector. Many people have praised our efforts for creating a fertile ground for ideas and for foreshadowing future trends.

Finally, but just as importantly, I would like to use this chance to respectfully ask all stakeholders in the industry to step forward fully, participate, contribute, and work together to help APG become an even more dynamic and thriving organisation. By doing so, our industry, society, and profession will all benefit greatly.

Shri. Nandan Verma

Vice President, APG India