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Patron's Message

Sushma RawatHarnessing the geo-generated mineral wealth has been a part of the evolution of mankind. From rocks and minerals to resources of fluid domain – be it spring water, hydrothermal or hydrocarbons or geo-energy, the study or pursuit has been the life of a geoscientist.

The energy landscape is witnessing paradigm shifts driven by increasing energy demand, complex geopolitics, and significant environmental concerns. Exploring fossil fuels from geologically and technologically challenging frontier plays along with sustainable development goals with more focus on harnessing various renewable energy resources have become necessary to ensure our nation's energy security. Of the 26 sedimentary basins, several still lie partially apprised, where significant Yet-To-Find is undetected in frontiers of our sedimentary basins & deep waters.

Association of petroleum Geologists (APG), India provides a platform which, through discussions, workshops and technical seminars and publications, bring geoscientists to assimilate and disseminate the knowledge across the industry. Petroleum geoscientists are expected to voice their opinions, channelize segregated ideas into consolidated strategies and to harness new ideas and advancements to find difficult hydrocarbons, open up category II and category III Basins, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, accelerated energy transitions through this forum.

My expectation from this technical forum is to have much wider collaboration among related sciences as well to realize synergy in energy. The industry relies on synergy between subsurface geoscience and engineering teams rather than individual disciplines working in silos. Synergy in interdisciplinary approach will open new opportunities for students and member education, community, and knowledge sharing that are best positioned to be successfully delivered in a unified organization.

I wish APG India all the very best in its endeavours to uphold the objectives of this platform.

Ms. Sushma Rawat

Director (Exploration), ONGC & Patron, APG India