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The idea of creating a common platform for all petroleum geologists of the country was mooted in 1998 during an informal discussion with the Vice Chairman, AAPG International liaison committee. Shri Y.B. Sinha, the then Director (Exploration), ONGC, other eminent geologists and a number of younger colleagues took up the daunting task of bringing all petroleum geologists of the country under a common platform.

This collective effort culminated in the formation of Association of Petroleum Geologists, India (APG India) in the year 2000. APG India is a non-profit organization of persons concerned with professional applications of the geological sciences and is registered under Section 21 of the Societies Registration Act, 1860 (Registration no. 63 dated 19th May 2000). It is affiliated to the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), USA.

APG India is a forum which brings together Petroleum Geologists on one platform to discuss, deliberate and plan ways and means to supports worth-while educational and scientific programs or projects related to the geosciences. It focuses on advancement of the science of Petroleum Geology and promotion of technology for exploration and production in economically and environmentally sound manner.

The association has its headquarters at Dehradun, India and has a number of Regional Chapters at various locations all over the country. Besides these, the association also boasts of a number of Student Chapters in prestigious educational institutes of the country imparting higher education in geoscientific disciplines.

Today, APG India, through its flagship mega geosciences conference and exhibition 'GeoIndia', and its myriad geoscientific activities, has become the primary congregation of Indian Petroleum geoscientists to voice their opinions, channelize segregated ideas into consolidated strategies and to harness new ideas and advancements in the global scenario and thus usher in positive changes in the Indian petroleum industry with global impact.

APG India