Welcome to APG India

The idea of creating a common platform for all petroleum geologists of the country was mooted in 1998 during an informal discussion with the Vice Chairman, AAPG International liaison committee. Shri Y.B. Sinha, the then Director (Exploration), ONGC, other eminent geologists and a number of younger colleagues took up the daunting task of bringing all petroleum geologists of the country under a common platform. This collective effort culminated in the formation of Association of Petroleum Geologists, India (APG India) in the year 2000.

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Patron's Desk

The year 2020 and 2021have been challenging times for all of us in the industry since we all faced the stress and uncertainty of an unprecedented health emergency and commensurate economic downturn. Rapid growth of Indian economy during the current millennium has put immense pressure on the oil & gas industry in terms of the demand growth and shrinking share of domestic oil & gas in the total energy mix.

President's Desk

Association of Petroleum Geologists, or APG as it is commonly known; is a platform for the experts and professionals of the industry and academia to converge and exchange ideas.It is a synapse between the industries involved in hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation and academia involved in petroleum geology. This is a forum where the ideas exchanged are focussed on science and not essentially bound by the corporate mandates.