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President's Message

Association of Petroleum Geologists, or APG as it is commonly known, is a platform for the experts and professionals of the industry and academia to converge and exchange ideas. It is a synapse between the industries involved in hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation and academia involved in petroleum geology. This is a forum where the ideas exchanged are focussed on science and not essentially bound by the corporate mandates.

Much as APG is of relevance to the professionals, it also strives to take the ‘feel’ of geology beyond workstations, out of the closed rooms to the nature’s class room. After all Geology is a natural science! Commendable work done by the preceding executive body has culminated in topical books & laboratory equipment being provided to a few institutions / colleges where Geology is being taught. We would endeavour to carry forward, and if possible strengthen this synapse. Continued guidance and support from Patron-APG would go a long way in achieving the objectives.

I, along with Team APG, APG regional chapters across India, across organizations, would strive to make APG more vibrant, more meaningful and dedicated to the cause of bringing out the best of our science.

Stay tuned. Some exciting events are in the offing.

Signing off, with Greeting for the festive season.

S.N. Chitnis

President, APG India