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The idea of creating a common platform for all petroleum geologists of the country was mooted in 1998 during an informal discussion with the Vice Chairman, AAPG International liaison committee. Shri Y.B. Sinha, the then Director (Exploration), ONGC, other eminent geologists and a number of younger colleagues took up the daunting task of bringing all petroleum geologists of the country under a common platform. This collective effort culminated in the formation of Association of Petroleum Geologists, India (APG India) in the year 2000.

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Patron's Desk

Hydrocarbon resources are to play a major role in expediting India’s growth in 21st century. The target of reducing our country’s oil import bill by 10% by 2020 can be achieved through aggressive exploration in new acreages and judicious exploitation of existing fields. A motivated and technically sound human resource forms the back .

President's Desk

APG India was established by industry stalwarts who foresaw tremendous merit in creating a platform on which geoscientists representing industry and academia could converge to symbiotically enrich the field of hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation. It is a humbling experience for me to have been selected to hold the office of president.

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