Falicitation of VP APG, Chennai Chapter


Falicitation of VP APG, Chennai Chapter, Dr. K. S Bhushan, ED Basin Manager, Cauvery Basin superannuating in September 2020 by APg Executive Body, Southern Chapter, Chennai


APG (Mumbai Chapter) Field Trip to Cuddapah Supergroup of Proterozoic Age


1. Precambrian Crystalline (Granite) with Pegmatite veins



2A & 2B. Eparchaean Unconformity (Contact of Dharwar and Cuddapah i.e.Gulcheru Formation)



3. Contact of Gulcheru Quartzite and Vempalle Formation


4. Vempalle in Papaghni River Section


5. Oolites (Above) and Stromatolites (Below) of Vempalle


5. Stromatolitic Bioherm



7. Structures in Vempalle


8. Structures in Vempalle



The Vempalle sediments being quite older ones may be tight so far as porosity is concerned. But it was noticed that visual porosity in some of the weathered oolitic dolomite and stromatolitic facies is moderately high (Photo-9). The utility of Proterozoic Carbonates in developing an understanding of base level cycles and their controls on depositional sediment facies in comparison with Phanerozoic cycles is very well demonstrated.


9. Vempalle as a Reservoir: Dissolution Vugs associated with Karstification


The recent seismic data acquisition under National Seismic Program would help unravel the mystery. Considering the global experience of Proterozoic sediments and the experience gathered during the field trip, it is concluded that further exploration efforts is required in this basin for realising the hydrocarbon dream.

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