Rules And Regulations


Association of Petroleum Geologists (APG) is the organiser of GEO India 2018.

Venue, Dates & Timing

"GEO India 2018" will be held at India Exposition and Mart Ltd. (IEML) from September 6-8, 2018. Visitors will be allowed from 10 AM to 6 PM from September 6-8, 2018.


A company/organisation/firm booking space for participation will be called exhibitor.

Participatipon charges
Type of Exhibitor Raw Space Shell Sceme
Indian INR. 14,000 per sqm INR 15,000 per sqm
International USD 220 per sqm USD 235 per sqm
GST Extra @18%
  • Raw space can be booked subject to a minimum of 27 sq meters.
  • Shell stand can be booked in multiples of 9 sq meters.
  • Shell stand will include three sides partition, fascia name, floor covering, three spot lights, power socket, one trash bin, one reception desk and two chairs in 9 sq meters space.
  • Electricity connection and consumpton charges will be extra.
  • Participation charges include Air-conditioning and general lighting.
Participation Payment Terms:
  • Application for participation has to be submited to GEO India Secretariat along with 30% participation charges.
  • Participation will be accepted on first-come-first served basis. Participation fee once paid will not be refundable.
  • Balance participation fees will be payable on issue of Invoice for space applied for, on or before 25.08.2018.
  • Payment by Cheque/Draft/Wireline in INR may be sent in favour of "GEO INDIA" payable at Dehradun, India.

    Bank details are given below for your reference:
    Account No: 02251450000216
    Bank: HDFC Bank Ltd.
    Branch Address: 56, Rajpur Road, Dehradun-248001
    RTGS/NEFT/ IFSC Code: HDFC0000225
    SwiftCode: HDFCINBB
    PAN of Association of Petroleum Geologists: AABTA3257E
    GST Tax Registration No: 09AABTA3257E1ZZ

    Address for Communication:
    Mr. K. Vasudevan, Secretary, APG
    GEOIndia Secretariat, GEOPIC, 1st Floot, ONGC, KDMIPE Campus,
    Kaulagarh Road, Dehradun-248195, Uttarakhand, India
    Phone: +91 9410390111, +91 9410390063; Email:

Bank Transfer Details

Allocation of space

The Organizers will have sole discretion in allocation of space. However, due consideration will be given to the choice and requirement of applicant.

Goods and Service Tax (GST)

Govt. of India has levied Goods and Service tax on all exhibition services. This tax is applicable on the stall rentals, electrical charges and other fair services for the exhibition. Goods and Service tax payable on the captioned fair will be 18% on the billing amount.

GEO India's Service Tax Registration No is: 09AABTA3257E1ZZ

Goods and Service Tax is not applicable on refundable security deposit and on all remittance made through foreign exchange. Foreign participants are exempted from service tax.

Electricity & Power connection and consumption
  • Shell stand will be provided with single-phase electricity for the spotlights and 5/15 Amp socket provided as per the standard package.
  • Each exhibitor taking a Bare Stand has to pay for the electricity connection and consumption charges.
  • Additional Electricity required for the Shell Sand for running equipment, machines or additional lights has to be paid by the exhibiting company. The charges are mentioned in the order
Other services and facilities
  • A host of other services and facilities like additional accessories, audio visuals, etc. will be made available on additional payment. Companies seeking these kinds of services are requested to send their requirement well in advance by filling up the forms available
  • In case, if the desired service is not provided by the organizer the amount will be refunded to the exhibitor.
Construction of stands
  • The interior design of the stand will have to be within the architectural controls laid down by the Organizers.
  • The exhibitors would only be allowed to construct the stand as per the design approved by the organizers.
  • The exhibitors have to get their designs approved before August 25, 2018. Exhibitors who do not comply with these guidelines and regulations will have to pay a penalty of Rs 5000/-/US$ 125 and will not be allowed to construct their stand and will run the risk of closure of the stand.
  • All construction material, waste and empties etc. have to be removed by the exhibitors 5 p.m. on September 5, 2018.
  • Work regarding construction of stands will be permitted within the stand area only or outside the hall and in no case in the walkways in the Halls.
Stand completion

Stands will be completed by 9 PM on September 5, 2018

Operation of Stands

No stand will remain unattended. All stands must open at least half an hour before the exhibition and shall remain open till half an hour after exhibition time on each day.

Storage of exhibits & empties

No exhibits or empties will be stored behind the exhibition stands.

Vacation of space

Stands will have to be vacated under shell scheme and bare space latest by 10:30 PM on September 8, 2018

Damages to the hall

Exhibitors will be required to make good all damages or make payment for damages in the Halls, if any.

Sale of exhibits

No counter sales will be permitted during the exhibition. Handling of exhibits, customs and import Exhibitors can avail the services of only those cargo agents empaneled by Organizers. No other cargo agent will be allowed to enter/operate in the exhibition.

Service Agencies

Service agencies like security, cleaning, phones, catering, courier etc. empaneled with the organizers will only be allowed to provide services to exhibitors. Other agencies will not be allowed to enter/operate in the exhibition.

Public Safety & Security

Exhibitors & their representatives should be present at their stands at all times during the opening hours of the Exhibition in order to receive visitors. They may not close their stands before the officially appointed time of closing.


All inflammable disposable materials (such as empty boxes and other wrappings) should be immediately removed from the exhibition premises. Flammable Materials: The use of flammable materials for the decoration of the stand is prohibited unless such decorations have been treated with a fire retarding substance. Use of heating appliances within the stand is strictly prohibited.

Insurance and Exhibition Liabilities against Unforeseen Incidents

Insurance against all ascertainable risks from transportation to display and removal should be done by exhibitor. The organizers will not be responsible for any claim. The exhibitors are solely responsible for damage which may occur to exhibits, equipment, decorations, stock or stand or any other possessions due to fire, theft, deterioration, loss / damage by water or damage suffered during any fire fighting operations or by natural calamities.

The exhibitors are responsible for all accidents that may occur to the staff (including the Organisers' personnel), technicians, employees or exhibitors on duty in his own or in neighboring stands, due to the use by him or anyone else delegated by him, of machines, motors, other appliances or electric power that cause fire.

The exhibitors are responsible for all other damages, injuries or accidents, other than those already mentioned, or those that they themselves may foresee, and any other damage which may result from their participation in the Exhibition, whether directly through their own fault or through the fault of a third party under the exhibitors' instructions and affecting the possessions, furniture or building belonging to either the Organisers or to another party.

The Organisers disclaim all responsibility for risks mentioned above and the exhibitor shall not be entitled to make any claim, whatsoever the factors be causing such damage.

The exhibitors will obtain third party liability insurance from an insurance company. This compulsory insurance must cover accidents suffered by third parties in the building containing the stand of the exhibitors, which involves the liability of the exhibitor or any of his employees and any liability due to accidents linked with “GEO India 2018”.

The exhibitors may insure their exhibits on display against all possible risks that are permitted under the insurance rules.

Each exhibitor is reminded that he is responsible for effecting insurance cover for expenses incurred due to abandonment or postponement of the exhibition for any reasons whatsoever


Entry into Exhibition Halls will be on the basis of exhibitor passes issued by the Organizers. Each exhibitor will be entitled to 3 passes for 9 sq meter space. Entry of vehicles in Exhibition area will not be permitted during exhibition hours and other hours specified separately. Exit passes will be necessary for exhibits / material to be taken out of Exhibition Halls.

Violation of Rules

In the event of violation of any rules, FICCI will have the right to close down the stall of the exhibitor.


Disputes, if any, arising out of unresolved matters between exhibitor and the Organizers shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996. The arbitration proceedings will be conducted in English and at Dehradun, India only.

Force Majeure

If the exhibition is abandoned, cancelled or suspended in whole or in part by reasons of war, fire, national emergency, labour, non-availability of exhibition premises or any other cause not within the control of GEO India 2018.

The Organizers may, at their own discretion, refund the rental paid by the exhibitor after adjusting the basic expenses incurred or a part thereof, but they shall be under no obligation to refund any such rental and part thereof and shall be under no liability for any actions, claims or losses.