Construction Guidelines

Procedure for taking possession of Stands

Possession of shell scheme stands and bare space area will be given to the exhibitors after full payment of all dues.

  • The person appointed to take possession of the stall must have a following authorization letter from the exhibiting company on their letter head. “We hereby authorize Mr. ........................ (Name of Person) take the possession of our stall number.................... in hall number..................... The above mentioned person on behalf of the company will now be responsible for the stand and the exhibits on display.
  • The authorization letter must be submitted to the site office of the organizers at the venue.
Construction of Stands
  • Considering the security of exhibits on display and general security of the entire exhibition, only the Official Stand Construction Agencies will be allowed to undertake the construction of bare stands in “GEO India 2018”.
  • In case the exhibiting company is using the services of any construction agency other than the officially appointed agency, they would have to take a prior approval from the organizers for the same.
  • Contractors other than these will not be permitted to enter the halls and undertake construction work.
Specific Architectural Control and Guidelines
  • The width of passages shall not be less than 3 meters or as marked on the copy of the layout plan while the passages inside the stands shall not be less than 2 meters in clear width..
  • The minimum width of the entry and exit of stands shall be 3 meters each while more width shall be appreciated..
  • The stands with one side, two side, three side or four side (island stands) open as shown in the layout plan, the participants are required to leave the open side clear of all panels which obstruct the view of the visitors..
  • However, they may put up low partitions of 1.2 meter high or may have a combination of low partition and glazing in the upper area after leaving proper entry & exit points..
  • The normal heights of construction of partitions shall be limited to 2.5 meters except open side as shown in the layout plan. However, additional height of one side/two sides features could be considered depending upon the area of stands as per details given below:.
Size of stall Maximum Height of Features
Upto 40 sqmtrs 2.5 meters
41 sqmtrs to 100 sqmtrs 3.0 meters
100 sqmtrs to 300 sqmtrs 3.5 meters
300 sqmtrs and above 4.5 meters
  • The above height of features and their locations is subject to approval of plans from the organisers in case exhibitors wants to increase the height of the display / features to the above mentioned heights they may please take a prior approval from the organizers
  • .
  • No construction shall be permitted in front of emergency doors, service doors, electric distribution boards, switch rooms, toilets, and other fair facili_es. The unauthorized construction undertaken in front of such facilities shall be got removed at the costs & expenses of defaulter participants and the organisers would also levy penalty as deemed fit.
  • No support from the existing construction of Exhibition halls i.e. ceiling, walls, columns etc. shall be permitted. Any damage caused to the infrastructure shall be recovered along with the necessary penalty from the concerned participants.
  • The stands requiring water connection, water disposal, compressed air and special power requirements shall be preferably located at the periphery of the halls, as it will be convenient to provide such facilities without crossing over the public passages. In case these requirements are not made known to organisers at the time of booking space, or cause hindrance to the public movement or due to any technical constraints, these may not be provided.
  • Exhibitors booking raw space are required to submit their design drawings at least 15 days before start of the exhibition and the plans would be scrutinized within 7 days after their submission to the organisers. All exhibitors have to strictly follow the architectural guidelines laid down in the manual. Any deviations will not be permitted.
  • The decision of the organisers of “GEO India 2018” as regards the approval of the plan shall be final and binding upon exhibitors and the work must be carried out as per the approved drawing only.
  • Exhibitors having bare space must also clearly show layout of exhibits, logo details, supporting stand electrical points etc. and clearly indicate wall/panel height; exhibits, meeting rooms etc.
  • The decision of the organizers as regard to the approval of the plan shall be final and binding upon exhibitors and the work must be carried out as per the approved drawing only.
  • All displays will be inspected during the set up days and any exhibitor devia_ng from the regulations must make modifications as suggested on their own expense prior to the show opening.
  • Bare Space Stand holders can fabricate their stalls as per the approved design, however no damages/nailing/digging is permitted on the floor and subject to penalty.
The following are strictly prohibited:
  • Use of electrical flash, flashguns etc.
  • Cloth Banners, Velvet Banners or Velvet Covers on the panels/table.
  • Stage show of presentations without prior permission in wiring of the Organiser.
  • Painting, Colouring, Wallpapering, and Sticking of Thermocole cut le􀆩ers, Nailing or drilling of panels. If you require assistance in hanging or displaying your exhibits, please consult the Official Shell Contractor.
  • Exhibitors would be charges @ Rs. 1500 per panel for any damages to the panels.
  • Hanging of items from the Hall ceiling or parts of it
  • Storage of any kind behind the display walls
  • Digging, Grouting or cutting of the floor.
  • No additional stand fixing or display may be a􀆩ached to the shell stand structure.
  • All interior stand fixing must be contained within the shell stand structure and must not exceed 2.5m height.
  • No freestanding equipment may exceed a height of 2.5m or extend beyond the boundaries of the site allocated.
  • It is mandatory for Exhibitors with 2 or 3 or 4 side open stands, to arrange display in such a way that there is not obstruction on any of the open sides. This will ensure free movement and give exhibitors adequate visibility and transparency. Exhibitors are not allowed to obstruct the view or adversely affect the displays of other exhibitors.
  • Stands with an area of over 400 sqm may use projections upto maximum 5 mtr height subject to availability of ceiling height in center of the stand/pavilion after approval from the organizers provided they do not obstruct the view/orientation of any other fellow participants stand.
  • Height of panel against natural back wall along the periphery of the Hall will be allowed upto 4.5mtrs subject to availability of Height.
  • Access must be given to any Fire Exit, Electrical box, Service room etc. falling within the exhibitor's stand area. It is mandatory to leave minimum one opening in the partitions against the natural wall to provide access for electrical fittings etc.
  • The exhibition hall has pillars at various locations which, may fall in the stall of an exhibitors. The pillars are marked on the layout. Exhibitor, while designing their stall may please take this into consideration. Any doubts may please be clarified with the organizers.
  • Sound engineering practice would be employed for work of electrical wiring from the main switches to the lights and other fixtures.
  • All electrical wiring work for Bare Stand will be carried out only by licensed electrical contractors.
  • No overloading of connection at any point of electrical output than the sanctioned load is permissible.
  • Each Raw Stall should have an adequate rated switch fuse unit, MCB or cut-out to enable isolation in case of any emergency/overloading.
  • Electrical wiring under the carpets is a potential fire risk. Wherever these are unavoidable, adequate precaution should be taken by covering these wiring by wooden ramps. Wiring with joints should not be provided under the carpet.
  • The electrical equipment installed must be earthed as per Indian Electricity Rules, 1956 amended up-to date.
  • Power factor improvement capacitor should be provided with the connected equipment wherever motors of 5 hp or above are used.
  • Penalty shall be imposed in case of not following the approved plan/deviation Organiser guidelines at Rs.30,000/- per violation. In case of violation of any Guidelines specified above or specified by any other law enforcing agency, Organizers reserves the right to close the stand/stall/pavilion or levy a fine or get the construction removed at the risk and cost of the exhibitor.
  • No claim of refund or compensation would be entertained in such cases.