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Baroda Chapter

Executive Body of the APG - Baroda Chapter
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Regional Vice Presidents Tarun Shah
Regional Secretary P.R. Mishra
Regional Treasurer Ramakanth


Shri Gautam Sen, ED–Basin Manager Western Onshore at Mahisagar Point Bar, Umeta.

APG-SPG Team Members, Baroda at Mahisagar Point Bar, Umeta.

Association of Petroleum Geologists (APG) and Society of Petroleum Geophysicists (SPG), Baroda Chapters added yet another feather to their cap by jointly organising a day-long geological field trip to a Point Bar along river Mahisagar near village Umeta on February 12, 2005. This spot is about 25 km northwest of Baroda.

About hundred members of APG and SPG of ONGC attended the field trip under the leadership of Shri Gautam Sen, ED–Basin Manager Western Onshore. Geoscientists from HOEC also participated.

The trip was preceded by a short briefing, the previous evening, elaborating the Point Bar features and causatives through a PowerPoint presentation. On the day of the field trip, trenches were cut on the Point Bar to study the vertico-lateral sedimentary features that are typical of a meandering stream viz. Channel Lag Deposits, Planar & Trough Cross Bedding and Overbank Deposits.

The members took keen interest in studying these features and were proactive in their approach through interaction. The trip proved to be educative as it provided insight into the processes involved in deposition of fluvial reservoir rocks. The field trip was followed by a short quiz on geoscientific topics.

APG-SPG Team Members, Baroda at Mahisagar Point Bar, Umeta.